6 Best Window Management Tools For Mac

On such a Mac, managing many windows is challenging. They commonly coincide, which fills up your screen and costs you valuable workspace. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for fixing this problem in the default macOS window administrator.

“Mac window managers” is the collective name for a group of Mac programs. enables you to reorder and expand windows using mouse clicks, built-in keys, and gestures. Here is a list of the top Mac window applications for keeping your desktop organized.

mac window management tools


With the help of magnets, you can easily snap windows to different locations on your display. This tool is very simple to use, and it can be used on a Mac with keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop.

This method eliminates the need for an app to be changed every time you use a new screen. It’s also more productive as it allows you to focus on other tasks. For guidance on how to make numerous system functions, read our lesson.

Drag the window into place or launch. However, it uses a set of customized shortcuts. Windows can be made to arrange oneself into vertical or horizontal halves. By having to drag people to the phone’s edges. Additionally, they take up a fourth of the display when you slide them to something like a corner.¬†


  • Windows can even be returned to its original location. After being snapped to one of the corners of the screen.
  • A maximum of six external screens, in various directions, support Magnet. You may move apps between screens using shortcuts.
  • You can expand a window while still having access to a Dock as well as a menu bar. When you need constant access to a toolbar, this is helpful.
  • I should exclude apps that struggle with screen snapping. applications created using the flawed Electron framework, as an example.


Magnet’s competition, BetterSnapTool, is a Mac window manager that can be customized. By dragging your windows towards the top, right, or left edges in addition to the corners of the desktop. The software allows you to rapidly adjust the size and position of the windows.

Simply select Change Screen Position/Size from the app settings. Give a link to snap panels to the position you choose as an alternative. As well as you may disable any of the options that provide in the snapshot locations that you won’t utilize.


  • There are countless resizing as well as snap area settings with BetterSnapTool. Simply choose a precise window size as well as a snap zone.
  • BetterSnapTool & Desktop Spaces are compatible. To get it to work, simply specify the appropriate window border delay among them. Otherwise, attempting to combine the windows may cause you to go on to the following Space.
  • Set gets to know button resizing choices whenever you correct or center a mouse. To customize it, go over to BetterSnapTool > Settings > Extras.
  • You can use the modifier key to resize as well as move inactive windows. To enter the unique key, go to BetterSnapTool > Settings > Extras. Here is a guide for remapping the keyboard shortcuts on the Mac.


Open windows could be irritating, particularly once you’re attempting to concentrate on a certain job. HazeOver is a helpful tool that minimizes distractions by highlighting the primary window and hiding the surrounding ones. It gives you the power to customize the hazing’s strength and pace to your preferences.

To adjust the lowering percentage, first, navigate to HazeOver > Settings > General as well as turn the wheel. Alternately, configure a hotkey as well as trackpad movement to increase or decrease the intensity by 20% steps.


  • Set the effect’s power to vary from gentle. Dark to normal black to cut down on distraction.
  • You can decide if to focus on only a component or all of the app’s windows open. Even the dimming movement may be modified using the custom tab.
  • Adjust the power on numerous shows. But, on each display, you could choose all of the panels or most effectively emphasize the front ones.
  • The Shortcuts Mac software lets you manage the setting as well as the popularity. You could prompt the want now not Disturb repute with HazeOver dimming with the sort of shortcut.


Your screens can be overlapping, as you are well aware. On the Mac, however, a window application of knowledge may arrange and categorize an app’s panels into non-overlapping squares. Your apps will be arranged in rows, edges, or another similar manner to accomplish this.

A tiled window manager called Amethyst places your panels automatically following one of the preset layouts. By using a hotkey, users can switch between program windows, concentrate, or move between them.

To access the High layout, for instance, use Shift + Option + A. Therefore, the primary window locates on the left side of this configuration, and the secondary windows stack vertically just on right.


  • With the use of keys, Amethyst offers a wide variety of layouts, including Tall, Broad, 3Column-Middle, Row, and Full Screen.
  • With each arrangement, you may adjust the size of the window. Cycle through the panels (Shift + Option + J), move the window, and much more.
  • You can create your modifier buttons to assist you in learning more quickly due to the numerous shortcuts available.
  • Layouts can be enabled or disabled to determine whether they include in the cycling order.


You can choose to have a certain window configuration for daily tasks. However, using too many programs makes it challenging to keep your desktop’s windows organized into a regular group. The Mosaic screen manager can be useful in this situation.

Not only does it places your panels. But also organizes them into categories so you can access them at all times. Select your app screen as well as drag it over any available sizing choice. At the bottom of the screen get started. If you’d like, users can also set up another hotkey to display a layout selector for any open apps.

You have total control over every conceivable layout thanks to the Designs tab. Simply create a link or define sections of the display using the customizable grid. You could even plan.


  • A customizable grid, as well as a gutter, allows you to create as many layouts as you like. Apps can be given their individual Desktop Space while requiring a swipe.
  • Make an app layout with three customizable sections. Layout groups can be further organized to fit particular procedures.


Moom is indeed a macOS panel manager that you may customize to expand as well as move the application windows. To begin, place the pointer over every green full-screen click to start bringing up a pop-up window menu. Where you can select the length you want (50 percent, one-third, as well as a quarter). It can also move a screen. To a screen corner or edge.

It will then display a sneak peek of the screen’s size and position after a brief delay. You can set up a hotkey in the program to display the Moom symbol.


An excellent Mac panel management program is Magnet, as well as BetterSnapTool, which shares several features. However, BetterSnapTool provides a variety of distinctive features, including customizable snap zones, and several window-snapping options. And improved Desktop Environments integration.

Select Mosaic whether you’re curious about the restriction on the number of set layouts. Therefore, you can make your layouts simply by coloring a portion of the square with the use of layout design tools.

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