Apple Scan Text Feature – How To Use It

iPhones get updated every year with new handy features making them worth trying. It has recently released the ability to scan text from the iPhone’s built-in camera. But this feature was not heavily promoted like Ios 15’s SharePlay and Shared with You. 

if you are an iPhone user, then you can directly copy and insert text using the camera in selected apps in Ios 15. Let’s check out how to use iPhone’s built-in text scanner.

apple scan text feature

Apple’s Scan Text Feature

Now, you can convert the iPhone and iPad into a document scanner by importing text from any document seen through the device’s camera. This feature is compatible with native apps that allow writing text, like Notes, Reminders, and Messages. 

When the camera finds the text, it instantly scans the text and keeps it in the text entry area. 

Using Scan Text on iPhones and iPads

  1. First, open up an app that contains a text entry area. You can use the message app or Notes.
  2. Then tap and hold in the text-entry area for a few seconds before releasing the finger. 
  3. It will bring the scanner icon that includes the words ‘Scan Text’.
  4. Now, tap on “Scan Text”. It will activate scanning mode. 
  5. Then, point your device’s camera at the text you are going to scan and collect. Tap ‘Scan Text’ or the Scanner icon.
  6. The camera will be in scanning mode. 
  7. Point the camera at the text that you are going to scan and it will appear in the text entry field. 
  8. You need to tap ‘Insert’ when you are ready to import the content. 

How to re-scan text on your iPhone?

It is a normal incident that you ended up scanning the wrong text. You can deselect the Scan Text icon to do a re-scan. If you are using the camera app, then choose to tap anywhere outside the scanned text to return to Photo mode. 

How to exit the text scanner or turn off live text completely?

When you want to exit text scanner mode, deselect the Scan Text icon. Then tap the X button to completely get out. If you feel that the automatic text scanning feature affects your camera use, then choose to turn off Live Text on the iPhone when you don’t use it. 

What are the limitations of the iPhone’s Built-in Text Scanner?

The built-in scanner on iPhones is a handy feature. As it is a newly launched tool. Still, there are some limitations. 

Apple’s live text is compatible with only less than 10 languages. It covers English, French, Cantonese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. When you try to scan an unsupported language like Arabic or Japanese, the results will be inconsistent. Sometimes it will partially identify the language or not at all. 

The formatting or the structure of the scanned text is not so good. When you scan a big block of text that completes a half page. Then formatting won’t be great. The sentences will go into a new paragraph randomly creating a jam. It will disregard all available paragraph breaks on the content that is scanning. So you may need to adjust them manually or scan one small section at a time. 

To sum Up

If you have an iPhone, then it is not needed to buy a text scanner. The features of your iPhone is making life easy. The Live Text feature helps in visiting websites, making phone calls, and more while the scanned text contains other useful information. The live Text feature also helps in copying and pasting words. The article gives you a brief understanding of the newly added built-in text scanner of the iPhone.

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