Samsung Galaxy S23 All Rumours and Expectations So Far

We think the Samsung S23 would be released in the same way as the Samsung S22. Which was released in the month of February. They postponed the date of release because S22 wanted to make a small way to Samsung S21. Which came out in the first month.

This will show us that the s23 would be released slightly earlier in 2023. Currently, smartphone release dates will be something regular. Even if prior phone launches have been delayed by the coronavirus epidemic and chip shortages.

samsung galaxy s23

Initial speculations

The Samsung S23 may have a very similar appearance to its predecessor in terms of design. As mentioned by a new report from leaker Universe. The Smartphone will have dimensions of 6.43 x 3.07 x 0.35 inches. Which is a little improvement over the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 6.42 x 3.06 x 0.35-inch dimensions. All of this is true despite the fact that a new camera tip has been theorized to be one method. It might finish up with a bigger camera as well as a relatively thick phone overall.

200Mega pixel camera on the Samsung S23 Ultra, which is a significant improvement above the 108-megapixel lens on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Was the subject of many speculations. These cam speculations have recently gained a great deal of steam. Although according to a new leak. Samsung could use the old ISOCELL HP1 detector instead of the more modern ISOCELL HP3 detector.


it says that it will get a 200Mega Pixel camera inside the form of an unannounced Samsung sensor that’s been subsequently alleged to be the ISOCELL HP2, which will surpass both the HP1 and HP3 200MP sensors that the firm currently produces. This may be advantageous for the upcoming Samsung flagship product. HP3 is just a mid-range sensor. Whereas Motorola’s X30 Pro or the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra are rumored to use the bigger. More sophisticated HP1 sensor, which is manufactured by Samsung. Samsung may be planning an additional sensor for its own flagship in an effort to outperform its rivals. Because of the low pixel rate. Several phones these days might have issues with this. A 200Mega Pixel primary cam will take a technique for getting more from Samsung’s Galaxy phone photographs. According to the company’s video.

According to some reports, the 12Mega Pixel face camera will be included on both the S23 & S23 Plus models. This information is provided by Galaxy Club. Each Samsung Galaxy S10 version has seen considerable improvement in selfie performance since its 2019 debut.

, Mobile lenses have the drawback of requiring you to either utilize the full optical zoom or resort to using electronic to complete the gaps. According to speculations surrounding the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung was planning to implement constant expansion. which would allow the smartphone to effortlessly zoom from 1x to 10x.

It’s unclear whether this story is real or what other changes could be required. But given that the face camera on S22  boasts a resolution of 40Pixels, it was about that Samsung upgraded the cameras in the two more cheap models.

Performance of the device (Exynos processor or Snapdragon processor)

Well, we’re always in favor of ending Qualcomm’s global approach to droid smartphones. Of all the greatest droid smartphones, Snapdragon CPUs provide the best performance. Samsung’s Exynos CPUs are weaker than Snapdragon in many aspects, even while Apple Silicon is still far years ahead in others. With its AMD-powered graphics, its leading Exynos 2200 raised a lot of expectations, however in the end, it was at best mediocre. Samsung has either to figure out why Exynos processors are weaker than Snapdragons else give up and shift to Snapdragons all over every device.

Battery life

Simply put, the charge time of each of the 3 Samsung S22 models. Those will drop below our hopes of us.  S22 Ultra, even with its five thousand milliampere hour battery, can’t last as far during battery usage tests as devices like the OnePlus 10+. Manufacturers should increase their capacitors’ lifespan. Reducing the energy capacity of the three devices seems to be a terrible choice because it obviously had an impact mostly on evaluating phones.

The cooling system (reduces heat also in gaming)

It is known that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU gets warm. Problems with slowness come from this, especially in video games. Furthermore, it was determined that Samsung restricted a number of programs on purpose in order to preserve system speed. The S22 requires more air circulation. Several people finally perceived the conduct as being slimy or simply malevolent.

In my estimation, the S22 Ultra is significantly less comfortable than 0nePlus 10 + during prolonged play time because of its ingenious cooling system. The S22 may become quite heated, however, designers don’t expect it to match the best video game cellphones. The next S23 is anticipated to solve this.

More effective model distinctions

The Galaxy S22 is a rather uninteresting gadget. They resemble their predecessors in looks and are lacking some significant upgrades. The primary advancement was improved “nightography,” which was fantastic in low-quality photographs, but it was clear that Samsung focused all of its efforts on its most expensive Galaxy.

We’d truly want to see a feature introduced to the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 that raises goods above incremental upgrades, despite the fact that it is rational. The minimum frequency that the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus offered was 48 Hz, not 10 Hz as Samsung had originally claimed. Additional enhancements have included a redesigned design, stronger cameras, and frame rates that truly go below 10 Hertz.

We do not desire the S23 & S23 Plus to get boring. The S23 Ultra, on the other hand, is advertised as anything other than that. Samsung CEO claims that the Ultra will return with the series and won’t be phased out anytime soon.

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